Tualang Royal Honey 蜂皇蜜


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Royal honey is white-yellowish in nature more commonly called as bee milk, is secreted from the glands of the worker bees for bee larvae to feed on. During harvest, our harvesters have harvested the royal honey together with the queen bee food royal jelly, though the latter is only minimal.




* It not only nourishes the body internally but rejuvenates externally as well.

* Royal honey is associated with healthier skin, hair and youthful appearance.

* It is commonly known to be effective in treating women who have problems with their menstruation such as abnormal cycle, pain, discomfort, and fatigue.

* It contains 10-hydroxydecanoic acid which gives the sour taste which can inhibit bacterial growth.

* It has high concentration of vitamins B5, B6, and amino acids and is believed to be a potent antioxidant.

* It highly promotes tissue growth, muscle and cell regeneration. In animals, it seems to have some activity against tumors and the development of “hardening of the arteries.”








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