Spectrum Massage Eyeshede 频谱舒目按摩眼罩


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6 大高科技材质



功效全面的宽频设计,能诱导组织细胞步1 向固有的健康频率。改善人体寒性,可使体表温度提高1.8° C-2. 1 ° C

Due to its comprehensive function and broadband design, it is able to regularise and normalize body cells at healthy frequency. External body temperature will be increased by




The presence of semiconductor elements helps to regulate any human biological static disorder, relieves muscle pain and fatigue. It balance between acidity and alkalinity, detoxifies blood, improved blood circulation and it is also anti-free radical.




Contain more than 70 kinds of trace elements with high speed vibration frequency releasing infrared rays, reducing cancer risk and aging process. Improves immunity system and enhances body warmth. Regulate body static and magnetism.



Anti-bacterial, anti-odor, absorb humidity and speed up drying process, soft yet not sticky keeps the skin feeling cool and comfortable.




Multi-angled woven body fitting elastic yarn which helps to increase friction between fiber and body, burn and regularize body fat.




Unique alloy that records the user’s bodyline, non-magnetic, prevents spinal deformities, relieves tiredness and insomnia.


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