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22g x 12 / box

Health & Beauty Coffee

Health coffee “PUSH UP Kopi” is an extract coffee that presents a savory, delicious and certainly healthy flavor. Behind its special taste, PUSH UP Coffee is also efficacious to help maintain a healthy body and gradually increase stamina for the better. Firaxis PushUP Coffee is a special coffee that combines high quality ingredients, i.e.  

HABBATUSSAUDA, GINSENG, COLLAGEN Peptide and Korean BAMBOO SALT as the main ingredients. Kopi PUSH UP can be enjoyed & served as hot coffee or in the form of Iced Coffee, so it is very practical and can be adjusted to your taste. As for suggestions for serving Push Up Coffee (hot conditions) please brew with 150 ml of hot water. As for serving (cold condition) that is brewed coffee push up with 50 ml of hot water and then add ice cubes according to taste.


Vegetable Cream (Non Diary Creamer), Palm Sugar (Palm Sugar), Coffee Extract (Coffee Extract), Full Cream Milk (Full Cream Milk), Black Cumin Extract, Collagen Peptides, Natural Identical Flovaour, Bamboo Salt, Ginseng Extract, Honey and also kakou powder.

Main Ingredients:
  1. HABBATUSSAUDA (Nigella Sativa), useful as: Anti-hypertension – Anti-cholesterol. – Maintain blood sugar levels, – Anti-inflammatory, – fight infection
  2. GINSENG (Panax Quinguefolius-American Ginseng), beneficial for; – Helps boost the immune system – Overcoming colds and also the flu – Smooth blood flow – Increase appetite and improve the digestive system
  3. COLLAGEN PEPTIDE (World Class Collagen Peptides, useful as – Promotes healthy skin and hair – Protect joints – Strengthens bones – Maintain the elasticity of blood vessels
  4. BAMBOO SALT SALINE, useful for; – Are basic (Alkali) with a PH above 8 – Useful for diabetics – Good for companion to diet, skin care, signs and detoxification – Prevent cancer


***不是常规咖啡。 *** (功能性咖啡) 22克x 12 /盒


健康咖啡“ PUSH UP Kopi”是一种提取咖啡,具有咸味,美味和肯定健康的味道。除了其特殊的味道,PUSH UP Coffee还可以有效帮助维持健康的身体,并逐渐增强体力。 PushUP Coffee是一种特殊的咖啡,结合了高品质的食材,即 主要成分为: HABBATUSSAUDA,人参,胶原蛋白肽和韩国竹盐。

PushUP Coffee 可以作为热咖啡或冰咖啡来享用和使用,因此非常实用,可以根据自己的口味进行调整。至于建议PushUP Coffee(热饮)的建议,请用150毫升热水冲泡。至于冲泡的咖啡(冷饮),应加50毫升热水,然后根据口味添加冰块。

蔬菜奶油(非日记奶精),棕榈糖,咖啡提取物,全脂牛奶,黑孜然提取物,胶原蛋白肽,天然花粉,竹盐,人参提取物,蜂蜜和还有卡扣粉。 主要成分:

1.HABBATUSSAUDA(Nigella Sativa)有用为: 抗高血压、 抗胆固醇、 维持血糖水平、抗炎、对抗感染

2.人参(有益于西洋参):有助于增强免疫力 、克服感冒和流感 、血液顺畅 、增加食欲并改善消化系统

3.胶原蛋白肽(世界一流的胶原蛋白肽)可用作 :促进健康的皮肤和头发 、保护关节 、加强骨骼 、维持血管弹性

4.竹盐- 基本(碱性),PH高于8, 适用于:对糖尿病患者适合饮食、皮肤护理、排毒 – 预防癌症

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