Purita Mixed Essence Drink 天然营养补助品


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  • Purita is made with 18 kinds of natural herbs using 17 proprietory processes. The formula combines a 100 year-old traditional FERMENTATION method with modern extraction technology to ensure maxiilyni blo-availability and effectiveness
  • PURITA IS DIFFERENT from other products in the market due to its special formulation, ingredients and processes. This formula consists of 5 MAJOR BIO-SYNERGISTIC FACTORS, namely blood vessel softening factor; blood vessel bioactivity intensifier factor; antioxidant factor; blood purification factor; and blood stream fat burning factor. These 5 factors work synergistically to repair and strengthen our blood vessels to contribute effectively to what we call “The 5 Dedicated Ailment Treatment”


  • PURITA传承百年历史传统配方,是专门针对保护血管健康而设计的草本精华,当中含有18种天然草药,并经由17个精细的传统工艺程序制成; 特的复方结合了 100年历史的传统发去现代萃取技术,以保持产品的活性和有效性.
  • PURITA的独特复方,成分和工艺程序,让它与同级别的产品相比逕遥领先.这复方含有5大生物协同因子,软化血管因子,血管活性增强因子, 抗氧化因子,血液净化因子以及血液燃脂因子. 这5大因子都拥有协同作用,能有效地修复和增强血管,被誉为”改善病痛的5大护理”

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