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由Thanks Ai Co., Ltd.旗下工廠生產,大量使用世界專利的LPT鹼萃取法所萃取出的 高純度蛋白多醣,以最新技術將商品輕量化,顛覆既有的營養保養品形象。安心・安全的 天然蛋白多醣將為您帶來高品質的人生!


High purity natural proteoglycan
Acquired World’s Patent
The New Era of Health & Beauty Products in a Format of Thin Film

Manufactured by the factory of Thanks Ai Co., Ltd., which utilise high-purity proteoglycans that extracted by the world-patented LPT alkali extraction method, as well as lightweight the products with the latest technology, subvert the image of existing cosmetic product in the market. The natural and safe proteoglycan will help you achieve a better quality of life!

Product NameProfilIngredientsPullulan, Salmon nasal cartilage extract (including proteoglycan), Glycerin, Fatty acid glycerides, Microcrystalline celluloseContent15 sheets per pack