Greenleaf Hand Wash (Chamomile) 爱生活洋甘菊泡沫洗手液


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Product details of Greenleaf iLife Hand Wash (Chamomile) 爱生活洋甘菊泡沫洗手液 500ml

  • Product Description-Product Name:Hand Wash (Chamomile)-500ml 适用任何肌肤/ Suitable for all skin-type
  • 蕴含洋甘菊提取物中的母菊(Chamomilla Recutita)-保湿性强,温和清洁,肌肤润泽,使手部皮肤紧实在干燥环境下也能持久嫩白细嫩光涌。
  • Contains Chamomilla Recutita from chamomile extract, possess strong moisturizing properties, can gently clean and nourish the hands, allowing the skinte stay firm, soft and smooth even under dry condition.


Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Pomegranate, Lemon

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