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*天然抑虫剂“几乎对所有一般常见的害虫都有效,以细雾直接喷射虫体,数分种内害虫即停止摄食,多数虫类於一小时内即不能行动,数小时后死亡。部分硬売虫类如蜗牛则须待抑虫酵素深入感染后,於一天至一星期后才致死。长期施用后,虫害逐渐减少以致灭绝,解决有机农耕法不用农药的难题,提供了划时代的圆满答案。此外,长期使用“天然抑虫剂”能带进大量的有益柑精抗微生物与“天然农药”以克服虫害而不杀伤土壤中的有益微生物,同时抵抗农作物的天敌, 发挥大自然生态平衡的效果,虫害的来源自然减少,农药耗量减少,由“减农药”的农耕法逐渐进入”无农药”之永续农业时代。

  • 可完全除去坏菌,杂菌,虫蛆
  • 可有效除去蚂蚁,蟑螂,蚊蝇,蚤,甲虫,壁虎及老鼠则远而避之
  • 对家居四周,厨房,花园,农场,有机堆肥快速见效

稀释:1.植物-用水稀释800倍(16支500ml小矿泉水瓶),   喷洒於叶面或灌根 (使用无氯chlorine的水)

            2.动物-用水稀释 600倍(12支500ml小矿泉水瓶),   喷洒或涂擦在患处(使用无氯chlorine的水)




            B:防除地下虫如白蚁,则稀释 3000倍(20支1.5L     大矿泉水瓶),大量浇於地面,令其渗透地下


“EcoShield” is an effective insecticide agent that combines the anti-microbial properties from refined tangerine extract with varieties of “natural pesticides” such as wood vinegar liquid, bitter dreg, earth diatomaceous, tobacco grain, horticultural oil, typha grass. pyrethrum, clover oil and wormwood to create a safe and environmentally friendly insecticide.

“EcoShield” is proven efficient for generally all common pests, spraying directly at targeted species or larvae would exude most insects immobile to act and death within the hour. Certain hard-shelled species’ death such as snail will be within one or two days in order for the infection of micro-enzyme to fully take effect. Usage of “EcoShield” will gradually reduce and extinct pests’ problems in agriculture and households without damaging ground soil, thus a balanced ecology that provides a satisfactory solution.


  • Control, prevent and mitigate pests such as ants, maggots, fleas, cockroaches, mouse and vectors of insect disease


  1. Plant – 800 times dilution with non chlorine water, spray on leaves or  foliar
  2. Animal – 600 times dilution with non chlorine water, spray or rubbed in affected concentrated areas depending on severity

Usage Period: 

  1. Affected Zone: Once every 4 to 7 days
  2. Prevention Zone: Once every 7 to 14 days


Spray on leaves, foliar and vegetation surfaces or most effectively in direct contact with pests. For prevention zone, use the rate times dilution with water and ensure sufficient surface water to permit underground penetration