BPO Outdoor Water Filter 户外净水器


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BPO-6G 附有全电脑化 Fully computerized System
  • 自動冲洗,無须動手操作,保養简易方便。
  • 用尼少的冲洗水量。
  • 容易操作,只病用干电池
  • 高或低水压都造合
  • BPO is fitted with auto flushing, maintenance free .
  • Low wastage of flushing water.
  • Easy to operate, use battery only.
  • Suitable with high / Low water pressure.

BPO-6G 水安全系統能有效隔維99.9999%水中不溶解的隆物,例如铁锈、泥质、腐烂物、霉菌、原生虫、微生物、细菌和病毒。同時保留了礦物質和杀菌的游离氯。是您的家庭起居的安全净水。

BPO-6G 的膜分離技術,使净水和不溶解的杂质完全隔离,净水完全不會受到污染。杂质将会透过智慧型电脑自动冲洗系统,定时被排出滤芯之外。


BPO-6G 的抗污染技术可控制微生物的生长及沉物的形成;延长滤芯的使用寿命,节省成本。 除了大自然外 BPO-6G水安全系统是您全家人过滤水的最佳选择 – 再次体验大自然 。。。

BPO-6G Water Safety System (WSS), removes 99.9999%i of undissolved impurities in the water such as sediments, rust, organic decays, mould. protozoan, micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses, The dissolved minerals and chlorine are still remaining in the filtered water. With the Membrane Separation Technology, the clean water is well separated from raw water and impurities. The impurities will be automatically discharged by the computerized flushing device.

With BPO-6G anti-fouling device that prevents the formation of Bio-lim and scaling in the hollow fiber, you will enjoy the cost saving tor the longer life span of the membrane cartridge.

Besides Mother Nature, BPO-6G Water Safety System (WSS) is the right choice of amang all filters.

BPO-6G provides you with the water your family deserves – water at its original state.