Organic Products

T & C

Term & Condition

  • * 一张固本总价为RM15.00
    * 购买总价值 RM 100 才能使用一张股本,余额以现金支付, 以银行转账支付。
    * 购买总价值 RM 200 才能使用两张固本。
    * 由于产品是以邮寄方式发货,所以必须购买总价值 RM100 以上才有邮寄。 邮费由买方承担。
    * 凡购买总额 RM 700 以上,免邮费.
    * 从产品目录表选购产品。目录表可向商家索取。
    * 在购买固本之前,与商家确认产品存货。
    * 此优惠券不能兑换现金。
    * Total cost of 1 coupon :RM15.00 
    * Buy total cost of RM 100 , can be discounted with 01 coupon, the balance pay by cash and accepts online payment.
    * Purchase total cost of RM200, can be discounted with 02 coupon.
    * Due to products send by courier, minimum purchase must be RM100 and above. Delivery charges borne by purchaser.
    * Purchase total amount of RM700 and above, free delivery.
    * All the organic products can be viewed at product catalog by requesting from merchant.
    * Contact merchant for products availability before purchase coupon.
    * This coupon cannot be exchanged for cash.