T & C

Term & Condition

1) 一条总价为RM130.00。
2) 一张优惠倦 + RM39.00 (30%)现金, 以银行转账支付。
3) 邮费由买方承担。(< 250g/ 一条)
4) 凡购买5 条,免费 1 条 。
5) 此优惠券不能兑换现金。
6) 任何疑问,请与商家联系 +60166684370 (Mr Chin)

1) Total cost of 1 piece :RM130.00
2) One coupon + RM39.00 (30%) cash accepts online payment.
3) Delivery charges borne by purchaser. (250g/piece)
4) Buy 5 pieces – FREE 1.
5) This coupon cannot be exchanged for cash.
6) Any inquiry, please contact merchant at +60166684370 (Mr Chin)

SNA FAR INFRA-RED BEAUTY & HEALTH Slim Belt suitable for daily use! Belt are specially designed to help you achieve your desired figure and give your back maximum support.

Who Can Use SNA Slim Belt? 

  1. For Mother : Efficient for post-natal slimming.
  2. Athletes : The belts are ideal for athletes to help maintain proper posture for optimum performance and prevent back injury.
  3. Personal with back problems : The belts provide relief from strain and give support to the lower spine while gentle magnetic fields improve blood circulation.
  4. And for everyday use : The belts will help you maintain proper sitting and standing posture and achieve a slimmer waist effortlessly.
** FAR INFRA-RED are strategically placed to improve blood circulation, a therapy confirmed by clinical tests and recognized by modern medical science.
SNA 红外线医疗美容和健康美仪腰带,适合日常使用!腰带经过专门设计,可帮助您获得理想的身材并提供最大的支支撑。


  1. 生产后的妈妈它对产后瘦身非常有效
  2. 运动员:腰仪非常适合运动员,以帮助他们保持正确的姿势以获得最佳性能,并防止背部受伤。
  3. 背部有问题的人:腰仪可以缓解紧张并支撑下脊椎,同时轻柔的磁场可以改善血液循环。
  4. 日常使用:腰仪可以帮助您保持正确的坐姿和站立姿势,并毫不费力地使腰部变得苗条。

** 红外线腰仪设计于改善血液循环,该疗法已通过临床测试的确认并获得现代医学的认可。